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Pinterest: Tried it Tuesday #1

Still not sewing.  My wardrobe might be in flux once again, and I’m waiting to find out which way things will fall.

In the meantime, I was thinking about all the recipes I have tried off Pinterest – and I filled a page with the titles.  There have been some successes and there have been some flops.  More successes though :).  I thought I would chronicle the things I’ve tried from Pinterest here on the blog.  At least until the sewing starts up again.

The first recipe I am going feature is what I had for lunch today:  hummus – with a twist

I found this very nice basic hummus recipe from Pinch of Yum on Pinterest.  


Photo Credit - Pinch of Yum

I substituted black eyed peas for chickpeas and Sazon for salt.  My children really liked it hot with dipper tortilla chips.  I had it for lunch today with crackers.

This was definitely a success!