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Pinterest: Tried it Tuesday #1

Still not sewing.  My wardrobe might be in flux once again, and I’m waiting to find out which way things will fall.

In the meantime, I was thinking about all the recipes I have tried off Pinterest – and I filled a page with the titles.  There have been some successes and there have been some flops.  More successes though :).  I thought I would chronicle the things I’ve tried from Pinterest here on the blog.  At least until the sewing starts up again.

The first recipe I am going feature is what I had for lunch today:  hummus – with a twist

I found this very nice basic hummus recipe from Pinch of Yum on Pinterest.  


Photo Credit - Pinch of Yum

I substituted black eyed peas for chickpeas and Sazon for salt.  My children really liked it hot with dipper tortilla chips.  I had it for lunch today with crackers.

This was definitely a success!


Accidentally Tasty Lunch

Since I’ve been doing some research on gluten intolerance, I think at least the Little Miss has symptoms of it too. So, no more sandwiches for lunch. And so I am making all the kids’ lunches now. I made chicken salad this morning, but we are out of mayonnaise and I didn’t have time to chop up the hard boiled eggs to add to the salad (they can just scarf those down for snack after school).

Soooo, I took the canned chicken breast and sprinkled it with some Hidden Valley Ranch dry seasoning, added some chopped celery and used plain yogurt to wet/bind it all. The kids got sent off with wraps and I made lettuce wraps with romaine leaves at work. UMMM UMMM UMMM! I hope they hated it so I can bring the rest to work tomorrow!

Of course, I didn’t photograph it, but here’s a lettuce wrap pic from the What Did You Eat blog.

The Twins’ Birthday Weekend

I can’t believe the time has gone by so fast: It’s official – Frick and Frack turned 9 on Sunday! They are halfway to legal adult status and one third of the way to moving back home!

Of course, the kids wanted a birthday party, but the venue was an issue. They wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese (*again*) this year. I was going to do anything I could to avoid that. Before I got this new job, a pool party at the town park looked like just the thing…until the Little Mister gave his reasons for voting for C.E.C.  “It’s air-conditioned, everybody likes it, and they even provide a cake.” He made all his points while ticking off the reasons with his fingers! His logic made me proud *sniff*.
But, I hate C.E.C. and looked for a way out of having their party at that kiddie casino. Before DS gave his reasons I was looking at Quassy amusement park again, a New Britain Rock Cats tailgate and game party, and Hubbard Park as options.  No ac in any of those places.  Then I thought about the Peabody Museum.  It would be perfect! And a perfect finale to 8 years of working at Yale.

And it was perfect! The venue included two party hostesses who handled all the activities – one of which was a scavenger hunt in the Hall of Dinosaurs. I provided the food. Modern Pizza, which is sublime and these:
I was inspired by The Domestic Diva’s post about push pop cakes instead of cupcakes. Domestic Diva has links to container vendors in her blog post. I chose Laguna Wholesale because they offer *Free Shipping*.  I ordered the containers a week before the party and they arrived by Wednesday! These were great! I made brownie/french vanilla and lemon cake/lemon raspberry kinds. By far, the brownie type tasted better. And of course, the cake and brownies were made in the slow cooker. It was so funny to see everyone’s mouths hanging open when I told them I made them in the slow cooker!
I didn’t get any pics at the party because I was playing hostess (running my mouth). Their father took the above blurry pic of me and the twins with my phone.  The push pop pic was from after the party (and after an *ahem* helpful family member packed them upside down).  They held up pretty well and the leftovers are in my freezer.

And now because of my new job, my 9-year-old “babies” are with their father for the entire summer! He and his fiancee whisked them away right after the party.  While I miss them, I think I feel sewing mojo coming on…

Slow Cooker Chocolate Croissants

I have been a fan of slow cooking since college.  Baking in the slow cooker is new territory for me though.  This lovely experiment worked pretty well!

All it took was some leftover chocolate (how any chocolate escaped scarfing in this house I don’t know), crescent roll dough from the fridge, and a greased crock set on high for 1.5 hours.  1 package of crescent rolls make 4 chocolate croissants.

I used a vintage round Crock-Pot and vented the lid.  The pastries closer to the edge browned more than the one in the middle.  The kids didn’t care – I could only get 1 pic before they finished these two off!

Brown Bagging It

My limited funds and persnickety taste buds are conspiring to make me cook all the time. Now that I’ve graduated from school and am back to a steady work schedule, I have (gasp!) started to cook again. I cook for the kids, get their lunches ready for school and neglect to feed myself in the mornings – or pack my own lunch. The situaton came to a head yesterday when I went to the hospital cafeteria for breakfast. I got the same breakfast I had made for the children that morning (1 egg, 1 sausage patty, 1 orange juice, and a slice of bread). With my employee discount, it cost $5+. That doesn’t even include the lunch I had to get – another $5. A loop of Chris Rock’s early bit – “Good Lord that’s a lot of money” is playing in my head at this point. Since eating at home is not an option in the a.m., what do I do? How can I carry my breakfast and lunch to work in style?

Cool hunting had a very nice grown up countdown of lunch-toting equipment. I especially like the nesting lunch pails, but metal cannot be put in the microwave. The plastica Bento box looks neat too, but what happens to it when leftover ziti is brought to work and heated?

The best solution seems to be the Mr. Bento stainless steel lunch jar. I’m going to read some reviews and see about ordering one tonight.

The conspiracy to make me cook continues.