Finished: PR Mini-Wardrobe

I thought I had my laptop all fixed,  but no, the motherboard is done in.  So, I’m taking the lazy way out and reposting what I put up on Pattern Review.


This is the composite review for my entry in the 2014 Mini-Wardrobe Contest. 

I needed casual clothes to wear to and from Aqua Zumba. So everything in my mini-wardrobe can (& does!) have my fitness swimsuit under it.

1. Top –McCall’s 7989 Camisole

2. Dress – Butterick 5606

3. Cardigan – McCall’s 6168

4. Skirt – McCall’s 8832

5. Pants –Butterick 5336

I used all stash for this wardrobe, both patterns and fabrics.  Using stash fabric presented some challenges for me when I was shirt some fabric.  I also learned how to apply FOE (through painstaking effort – and 1 ruined camisole).

The end result is a nice casual wardrobe I can put a swimsuit under!


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