Because Sewing is Not Portable

Simplicity 6725

Simplicity 6725

The past two weeks have been eventful.  I got a pretty bad cold just after I decided to join Rosie Wednesday’s Shift Dress Sew-along.  I worked on drafting my sheath dress sloper to look like Simplicity 6725 sewed up a muslin.

Then I made some adjustments to the pattern and cut out my fashion fabric version during our snow day (2 inches of snow!).  After some front skirt attachment issues with the muslin, I thought basting the final project would yield better results.  And then I promptly sewed the wrong sides of the side back to the right sides of the back pieces.  The Little Mister laughed at me, but he couldn’t tell the difference between the right and wrong sides either :).


Right sides and wrong sides together

I’ve been substitute teaching every day lately and found a better way to keep my hands busy than completing word searches.  I’ve been fascinated with kumihimo since the kids made friendship bracelets with cardboard looms and embroidery floss in fourth grade.  I’ve made 4 so far while subbing – it’s much more socially acceptable than bringing large sewing pieces to work on.  Now I need to attach clasps to complete the pieces.

image image


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