Personal Sewing Academy: Ring Around the Pant Leg

I made the fix to the other 3 pair of trousers I had cut out based on V8751 and sewed them up  this weekend.  Alas, the dreaded seamline creep is back!  I know it was the hemline adjustment that threw things out of whack for me, since the black pair’s seamlines are perfectly straight.

Here are the offending seamlines on the khaki pair I sewed.  image

Notice the twist that I have to fix on the pattern before I can call my pants sloper done.  After consulting my fitting reference books and DVDs, I am going to retrace the pattern and do the following:

  • shift the seamlines to the front and back respectively, to address the ring around the pant leg; and
  • redraw the grainlines on the front and back pieces to get future pants on-grain.

I am hopeful that this will work since I really like the fit of the pants.

Too bad for the folks at my sub assignments, because I’m going to wear the navy blue and brown ones until I sew replacements!


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