2013 Has Been Something

Happy New Year to All!

The 2013 round-up blog posts have been great fun to read.  What a difference a year can make in life. And I have happily stayed in my lane (for the most part) in terms of sewing this year.


  • I finished my first pair of pants drafted with Kenneth King’s Jean-ius course on Craftsy.  And wound up with a pair of orange wide-leg pants for my first effort. This project was also my first welt pocket and snap application.

  • After some tweaking, I’ve tapered the width of the pants legs, fixed the seamlines that twisted below the knee, and adapted the waist areas to Butterick 4662 and Vogue 8751. My favorite pair so far is Butterick 4662, with which I successfully flat-lined for the first time. The color is very bright, but the pants make my legs look fantastic.f1740-b4662useforcontest

  • I started working on TNT patterns for myself and dubbed my efforts the Personal Sewing Academy. I’ve now got bodice, pencil skirt, flared skirt (not blogged), and pants slopers to show for my efforts.

  • I entered and completed my first PatternReview contest. Even though I knew I’d never win, I’m glad I stretched myself to finish. Since the move, I don’t have much call to wear the knit wrap top.

  • My 1 Dress project from 2012 was finished, with an unwearable result. I think something went wrong with my application of the underlining to the fashion fabric. But, after 3 muslins, my work did yield the bodice and pencil skirt slopers for the Personal Sewing Academy.

  • I love wearing slips under dresses. I sewed up an old favorite from high school, McCall’s 7989, in my post-high school size. While the pattern is a slipdress, I made it to use as a full slip. I cut out the pieces on the bias and used French seams. I have easily worn this slip the most of all the items I’ve sewn this year.

  • I sewed up one other oldie but goodie from college, McCall’s 9357, to wear to a summer party.

  • I worked on a few other items which didn’t make it to the blog and cut out and/or muslined other items before our move. I also drafted my first underbust corset.

613a9-photogrid_1380573573213-735376Still need to get finished photos.

I got a little more sewing education this year.  I bought Kenneth King’s Smart-Fitting DVD set and I have referred to its contents numerous times. I would gladly add to my sewing DVD collection. Of course, I have watched a number of YouTube sewing tutorials which helped a bunch.


  • We’ve moved. We are now over 800 miles from our former home. While it was snowed for the 3rd time in a week in CT, it was in the low 70s in SC. I may be a little giddy about the milder weather. 😉

  • My gluten intolerance, and quick-sprouting gray hair HALTED after I left my high-stress job in CT this past summer. I didn’t even realize how much my body was taking a beating due to my stressful life.

  • A lot of things I only dreamed of are coming to fruition since the move: 1) I have become a SAHSM (stay-at-home-single-mom) here. It wasn’t what I thought would happen when we moved, but we are holding our own. I don’t have to worry about what my kids are doing/ find care for them while I’m working anymore. 2) I have been filling in as a substitute teacher/ teacher’s assistant in the kids’ school district. I’ve really been enjoying the teaching assistant assignments most and hope to get a full-time position with the district. Working when the children are in school and being home when they are home would be a dream come true.

Here’s to an adventurous 2014!


4 thoughts on “2013 Has Been Something

  1. Carolyn

    It sounds like the recent changes have been so good to you Juli; I’m so glad 🙂 A job during school hours is perfect for a mother with younger children. And your pants are looking good!
    Wishing you a wonderful, very happy and healthy 2014!


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