Removing Excess Outseam Length, The Wrong and Right Ways

Thanks again to Brenda of Brenda’s Sewing Nook for including this pattern in a package to me!

While toiling over pants fit way back in February and March, I copied the yoke front and back pieces, along with the dart placement for Vogue 8751.  I then copied the pattern pieces onto Glad Press N’ Seal for easy placement on my muslin pieces.  Thankfully, I took a photo of the front’s adjustments according to my personal fitting.  The photo’s darkened here to show detail.v8751 develop1


Once I got the darts and yoke placement down with respect to my sloper, I made copy from cheap gift wrap.  Here’s the back piece I was working with when the trouble began.

v8751 develop2

Here’s where I went wrong with the back length outseam adjustment on the black pair of V8751:

back outseam adjustment - wrong way

This would have been a better solution, and what I did to adjust the other three pair I had already cut.

back outseam adjustment, a right way

I’m sure there are other, better ways to make this adjustment, but after all the adjustments to the sloper this as safest for me.  Happy sewing everybody!


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