I’m having a tough time finding a place to take photos since we moved. I wore the pants I mention in this post on a substitute assignment on Wednesday and took a few pics when I got home. Oh, the trouble I had with this project. And most of it was my own fault.

Vogue 8751

As I mentioned before, my old life’s wardrobe is totally inappropriate for my life now. So, to be proactive for my substitute jobs, I cut out 4 pair of pants based on Vogue 8751 (V8751). I used the waistband yoke shape and back darts from V8751 and used my pants sloper developed earlier this year. I’ve continued tweaking this pattern (off blog) to fix the outseam – which used to snake around my leg – and to taper the trouser width below the knee. I thought I was really doing something and would have a fantastic finished product.

But no! I think I sewed every seam of these trousers at least twice. And yet something was wrong. The front and back outseams did not match. I tried easing the seams together which led to gathered, jumbled mess. Cue the tears. In actuality, I spent time rocking back and forth while holding the mangled trousers. I would have tossed the entire project out if 1) I didn’t need work pants and 2) I had other bottomweight black fabric. But necessity made me fix it. And I’m glad I did. After a good night’s sleep, it occurred to me to walk the front and back outseams. The back outseam was a full 3.5 inches longer than the front outseam. No wonder easing didn’t work. You would think I would solve this problem successfully by cutting off 3.5 inches from the back outseam tapered to nothing at the inseam.

Here’s where I made my last mistake: I cut the excess 3.5 inches off the top of the back piece. I should have cut it off the bottom. I can only show 1 photo of these trousers because it looks like my crotch is trying to eat the trousers in all the other views. And that’s what they feel like too. I wore them to work anyway… My work attire blended in much more even with the horridly short crotch.

On a brighter note, at least I did not sew up the other 3 pair of trousers, factory-style. I cut the excess 3.5 inches off the hem! Hopefully I will get to sew them up soon.


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