Ease and Patterns for Knits

Thank you for your comments on my last post. Ms. McCall, I agree about the excess ease in Simplicity patterns.
I found the article on pattern ease and you will see that my conceptual dyslexia was working in full force.  Here I thought it was discussing taking away ease from a woven pattern to fit knits and it’s the other way around.
Maybe I got this mixed up because I used the info to add ease to a knit pattern to sew in woven fabric. Excuses excuses…

This article is from Sandra Betzina’s book Power Sewing.  I love this book. My high school sewing teacher gave it to me as a graduation gift. I don’t know where my year book has gotten to with all my moves, but I always know where my Power Sewing book is!

On the life side, I’ve started to sub at the twins’ school.  Of course most of my office worker clothes are “too too” for a middle school.  But lounging clothes are not enough.  I think twinsets with pants and skirts should do the trick. Now I need more pants…


One thought on “Ease and Patterns for Knits

  1. Leonie Picton

    I have only 2 sewing books (both Palmer/Pletch). Maybe I should keep a look out for this one. Well done on the new work situation. I can see a middle school mini-wardrobe coming on.


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