Commenting and Google/Blogger Login Problems

Maybe it is just me, but it has been almost a week since I’ve been able to comment on other blogspot blogs. The phone goes into some crazy endless loop of login page-opening that doesn’t stop. On the laptop,  blogger does not recognize I’m signed in and makes my comments disappear without publishing them.
Am I alone in this weirdness?  Does anyone know a work around way to comment?  I know I can email comments to blogs I follow via WordPress…

2 thoughts on “Commenting and Google/Blogger Login Problems

  1. Robin

    I've had a problem with the same thing. I usually have to close the window and start over, then it's fine. It doesn't happen as much now.

  2. Leonie Picton

    It happens to me sometimes, usually when I hit the publish button – after I've taken the time to comment. Very frustrating! Not sure if it's just blogger or all platforms.


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