Corset Progress: Grommets!

I’m sad that I don’t have 4 finished garments for the end of Scary September and PR’s mini wardrobe contest. But I am (re)-learning that I’m a slow sewer. Thank goodness I have clothes to wear!

Even changing colorways last week, I made some very nice progress on all 4 items and want to share my proudest achievement on the corset. Grommets are installed!

These look just like the grommets on my RTW corset.  I’m stoked!
Upon trying on the corset, I found that to get the bust uplift I’m hoping for, double boning (vs. single boning) at the seams and some additional boning under the bust are needed.
As to the other 3 items, the tap pants are complete, I have to hem the house dress, and have most of the woven bra to sew. After burning a hole in the right cup, I lost a little bit of momentum on that one.
The corset is coming along very nicely.  Stay tuned for the finished product :).

4 thoughts on “Corset Progress: Grommets!

  1. Leonie Picton

    Well done on your corset!! Those grommets do look great. (I haven't tried things like that.) You have managed to get a great deal accomplished this month. You will have 4 fabulous garments very soon.

  2. JuliN

    Boning is what gives the corset vertical structure. Sometimes they are steel and sometimes plastic. Boning is usually in strapless prom and wedding dresses to hold them up.


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