Pattern Fittings Finished & Colorway Changes

Last weekend did not quite go the way I planned since I was down with a migraine.  The bra did need m.o.r.e. cup space (thanks for the input Carolyn) which I had added last week before the migraine.  Now the corset pattern is set and the bra pattern is set.

On to the tap pants, or as I like to think of them, girly boxers ;).  After modifying the crotch curve and adding 3 inches to the bottom length, I sewed up a quick muslin.  Seriously quick, probably 40 minutes start to finish.  Even after adding the bottom length, the tap pants are still pretty short.  Good thing they are underwear.  The front was looking wonky during the try on and I wound up pinching a wedge out of the front, tapered to nothing at the side.

All the patterns are set!  I’m on the fence about my color choices.  I was hoping to sew something that is not teal, but I love teal.  So teal it is!  Just waiting for silver toned grommets to arrive from Wawak for the corset.  On to wearable sewing!


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