Corset Muslin Progress

Greetings to my new followers on Bloglovin’ :). 

Sewing the corset draft was not as difficult as I had imagined.  Hooray!

I did find that the corset draft was a bit too loose.  I think that shaving 1/4″ from the center front seams and 1/8″ from the rest should do the trick.  Since the draft instructions are for an overbust corset, I estimated the underbust cut-off.  I was slightly off, but that will be easily corrected.  Here are the changes I marked onto one side of the muslin:

I’m going to mark the changes on the pattern pieces and go from there.  The last load of our stuff arrives tomorrow and the zip ties I bought are in there.  Good thing I didn’t run off to Lowe’s like I had planned today!

We’ll see what I can get done with the bra after I recover from helping the twins with their pre-Algebra homework…


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