On Bust-Lifting and Corsets

I was tempted to run long in my last post about how I came to wear corsets for their ability to aid in bust-lifting, but decided to make the whys and wherefores a separate post.

I bought my first waist cincher corset from Orchard Corsets July 2012, after my sister helpfully pointed out that my bust looked low and obscured my short waist in this photo:

3.19.12 OOTD
The photo that started it all

I seriously contemplated buying a Body Magic in order to lift my bustline and smooth my torso.  But wrestling out of it to go to the bathroom was a non-starter.  I liked the bust-lifting benefit of the strapless longline bra I wore for my best friend’s wedding.  But it is already difficult to find bras in my cup size, much less longlines.  Then I thought about the bust-lifting qualities of corsets, at least from what I’d seen of women in Victorian photos.  So I bought a cheap one – and loved how it worked.   

Same dress with corset

At first I was worried that wearing a corset would be very noticeable and uncomfortable.  But I have not found that to be the case at all.  The difference is subtle, but definitely noticeable.  When wearing one, I would usually get compliments on my dress without people noticing that I’d worn the same dress at least a dozen times before. *Hehehe*

I also invested in a couple of bra slings from eBay.  The bra sling works to lift my bust as well, but feels less secure than the corset.  Below are pics of the subtleties between the two foundations I took last fall.

I like the bra slings too, but they tend to dig into my shoulders and under my bust much more than the corsets.  I know that corsets aren’t for everyone, but I’ve enjoyed how I look and feel when wearing one.  Now, I just have to sew my own, that fits just the way I want.


3 thoughts on “On Bust-Lifting and Corsets

  1. Ambitious Sewer

    There is a huge difference on how your clothes fit when you wear the right kind of support/underwear. But I always struggled with undergarments that constricts me(they all do). I am one of those people who rather be comfortable than look good. I know, I know, bad bad me. But honestly through your photos I can see the difference.


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