Mama Needs to Get it Together

… to be able to enter Pattern Review’s 2013 mini wardrobe contest.  I seem to have left my sewing machines in CT, along with my iron, back-up sewing machine, rolling ruler, soil separator for pattern making, some of my pattern stash.  OH, and a bunch of my clothes.  I’ve got all my work clothes and none of my (already) limited collection of casual clothing.  Ah, my brain was not fully operational when packing the relocubes!  But I can see the bright side:  I didn’t leave any children, or pets, or their stuff!

 I’m going back for my stuff this weekend so things should be settled in 2 weeks or so, depending on how long it takes the next pod alternative to show up.  I’m seriously considering buying a machine to tide me over though.  In the meantime, I need decent clothes to wear!! I drove the kids to school this morning looking like who did it and why.  I covered the worst of the too-small tee shirt from DD’s clothing with zip-up cardigan.  Did I mention that all but 2 of my bras are still in CT?  I’m getting truly good at quick turnaround hand-washing…

Ok, enough whining.  Being ill-clothed for the past little while, has made me realize I need house clothes.  Enter my mini wardrobe idea for a house dress, bra, panties, and a corset. 

I want to make pieces that fit. Pieces I will actually use. Enter the items above.
House Dress:  I have never liked walking around in robe, but I’m ok with house dresses.  And once I saw Lorenna Buck’s use of Vogue 1239 as a housecoat, I was inspired to use a dress pattern as a house dress for myself. Butterick 5030 is pictured above, but I’m not married to that pattern.  I fixed the too-large bodice pieces to that pattern though, so it may be a safer bet.

Bra:  At the low-end, my bras cost between $40 and $50 each.  And they don’t always fit right.  This mini wardrobe contest would be a good time for me to make a bra that fits me (hopefully).  I’ already have cups that fit which I drafted last July and for the bombshell dress and blogged about here.  I think I’ll use the Threads article on copying RTW bras to get the band fit I like from an existing bra (“Clone a Favorite Bra” from Issue 99).

Panties:  $5 each for scraps of fabric to cover my backside? Scraps of fabric that don’t always fit my waist or legs they way I would like?  I think I need to take the plunge and try my hand at panties.  At first I thought about using Vera Venus’s 40’s French Knicker tutorial, but decided to use a pattern from my stash (Vogue 7837).  I thought that would be more ladylike than the McCall’s pattern boxer shorts I used to favor in high school.

Corset: I’ve been wearing corsets for over a year to lift my bustline.  The 2 cheap ones I’ve bought do lift my bust, but they don’t quite fit me.  *Hmm, I’m sensing a theme here*  Last week I drafted an underbust corset pattern to my measurements using the free instructions on the Your Wardrobe Unlock’d website.  I hope to do some hand-sewing to test the pattern this week.  I’ve got another post in the works as to how I came to wear corsets (if anyone other than I am interested).

With the pattern drafting work and all the fitting needed for corset making, I think this would be a good way to incorporate BeaJay’s Scary September challenge as well.  And these pieces will be a good challenge for me, and the PR contest is a good external deadline for me.

Thankfully, I do have my fabric stash with me.  I thought the autumnal print rayon would work well for the house dress and the brown silk shantung would work for the other pieces.  I may need to find a knit for the bra though.  We’ll see.

Happy sewing until next time.


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