Kenneth D. King’s Smart Fitting DVDS: A Review

 I purchased Kenneth D. King’s Smart Fitting DVDs from Threads during their Memorial Day sale.  I have previously mentioned how (ahem) thrifty I can be, but I am really glad I bought these DVDs.

The Smart Fitting DVD series consists of 3 discs.  The discs subjects are as follows. 
Disc 1 – Fitting the Upper Torso:  Kenneth fits an asymmetrical figure in this disc.  He fits a tunic top pattern on 1 body in this disc.
Disc 2 – Fitting Jackets:  Kenneth fit 3 separate jacket patterns on 3 bodies in this disc.  This disc seemed (to me) to have the largest number of demonstrated fit adjustments of the set.
Disc 3 – Fitting Skirts and Trousers:  On this disc, Kenneth fit 1 skirt and 2 pants (trousers) patterns on 3 different bodies. 
All in all, 7 different patterns were fit on different bodies throughout this set of DVDs.  Within each disc, the fit sessions were broken up with “Professor King Says” mini-lesson interludes.
  • Kenneth D. King goes over principles of fit as opposed to every possible fit issue.
  • I really enjoyed Kenneth’s straightforward fitting process with each of the fit models.  He came across as impressively non-judgmental with regard to body size.  In contrast, I have another fitting DVD where the instructor extolled the virtues of the svelte model and said nothing/skipped over discussing the larger models’ figures.
  • I also liked Kenneth’s “Fit the body, never mind ‘the right way’” attitude.  I think that is a validating thing to see an expert couturier advocate such a mindset.
  • I liked the content of the “Professor King Says” segments.  Those segments demonstrate lots of different techniques (including how to use the straight ruler like a ninja!)
  • The Smart Fitting DVDs are good supplement to the Threads series of articles of the same title.
  • A personal pro for me is that I have/recognized 2 of the patterns fitted on the video. 
  • I think that self-fitting could be very challenging with the method demonstrated.  It makes me miss my duct tape body double (MeToo)
  • This may seem nitpicky, but (hey I had to put some cons, right?)…some of the music/”Professor King Says” intros are a little hokey.
  • A personal con for me: I need to figure out how to bookmark the DVDs for quicker future reference.  I’m sure once I view them on my personal computer I will learn how to set those bookmarks.
 Other Observations
  • I enjoyed the interview with Kenneth D. King at the end of the series.  It was enlightening and entertaining to hear an autobiography of his work life.
  • The fitting principles show something for everyone.
  • If you happen to match the body type of one of the models, you are golden.  If not, you will still find the info useful.
  • If you took the Craftsy Jean-ius class, you will still learn new techniques with these DVDs.  I learned a lot about pattern work with Kenneth D. King’s Craftsy class, and learned way more with these DVDs.
 What I Learned
  • Sometimes it takes 5 muslins, and that’s ok.
  • I must be more of a visual learner than I thought.  The videos expounded on the Threads Magazine series and showed more bodies than the articles did.  These videos also clarified what I learned from the De-Mystifying Fit e-book.  Even though the videos went about the fitting without the moulage.  Finally, witnessing the waist placement adjustment was very helpful to me.  I have read about that adjustment many times, including in Nancy Zieman’s Pattern Fitting with Confidence, but clearly needed to see it in action to understand.
 Final Analysis
As I mentioned above, I am pleased to have bought the Smart Fitting DVDs.  I’ve already used what I’ve learned to fix the inseam, side seam, and back waist of my Jean-ius pattern.  Color me pleased!!

4 thoughts on “Kenneth D. King’s Smart Fitting DVDS: A Review

  1. Ms. McCall

    Thanks for the detailed review. I still don't know if I'm ready to spend the money on the DVD set, but I'm certain I would learn a lot if I did. I hope it helps you with future projects!

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