I’m a Top Hourglass!

I’ve always wondered how to categorize my shape in the grand scheme of body shapes.  I’m tall with long legs and a running back’s shoulders which would evoke an inverted triangle.


But then I factor in my chest, hips, and waist.  If I wore most of the low-slung, tunic-y outfits recommended for inverted triangles, I’d look pregnant or even larger than I am.  But I don’t see myself as a true hourglass because my shoulders make me look larger on top than on the bottom (even though my full bust and hip measurements are only 1 in apart) and my short-waistedness.

Enter the top hourglass.  I came across this designation while browsing the internet one day.  This, I think is the closest to my body shape as I’ve seen.  You know, except for the “gently sloping shoulders” part.


The descriptions and style tips in the links below were helpful to me to see why I like to wear certain styles more than others.  Cinched waists are my friends along with wide-legged pants to offset the rack of doom :).

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3


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