PSA: Master Pants Pattern – What I Learned

What I learned:
1.       How to copy a pattern from a RTW garment (duh!)
   2.      How to adjust back crotch curve to fit.

3.      Welt pocketYes, it’s not perfect, with the silk organza peeping out of the edge.  But since I only made 1 practice pocket and went on to the final pockets, I will take the imperfection.

4.      Pocket stay/ but then I freaked out after trying the pants on cut it off when I tried the pants on and the front crotch looked crazy.
5.      Double thread topstitching
6.     Snaps! 
Tip:  Use tape to hold the snaps in place before applying the snapsetter.  This made BIG difference for me.

7.      I love foundation garments!! Lol.  I think I’m so used to wearing foundations that looking at my lower ab pooch in the photos was a bit of a shock Friday morning.

What I will do differently next time:
I’m surprised that there isn’t a huge amount I would do differently next time. 
1.       Lower the back pocket by 1.5 inches.  I think that adding to the back crotch curve moved the pockets up as well and I didn’t compensate for it.  Live and learn :).
2.    Fabric choice does make a difference.  The front crotch was fine in the other two test garments, but the final was a little low.  Also, denim is much sturdier than velveteen and holds me in (without foundations) better.
3.      Make the front pocket appliqué bigger just to make sure there is no pocket bag showing.  Thankfully, this only happened with the right pocket.

All in all, I really enjoyed the content of Kenneth D. King’s Jean-ius class on Craftsy.  I may do a full-fledged review of the class at some point.  But like I’ve said before, his class is totally worth the money to sign up (and even worth the hassle of the HD-only wonky streaming Craftsy platform).  Makes me want to shell out the bucks for Kenneth’s 3-DVD fitting series through Threads!  And that’s saying something, as cheap as I am…


One thought on “PSA: Master Pants Pattern – What I Learned

  1. BeaJay

    You should try the free download of Real Player which will (providing you are using compatible browser – I use Google Chrome) let you download the lessons to your computer and then play without streaming.Love your welt pocket and snaps. Great colour jeans too.


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