Imaginary Sewing: Butterick Sewing Contest & $1.88 Sale

I got an email notice from Butterick last week regarding a contest to celebrate their 150th anniversary.

I did some imaginary sewing with the Butterick to the Big Screen contest in mind.
I love the skirt that Sarah Jessica Parker wore in Failure to Launch.  A  lined version of Butterick 3134 (with added godets to achieve the sweep) would make a nice rendition of the skirt. 
I’ve never seen Houseboat, but doesn’t this dress look very much like retro Butterick 5747?  Just leave off the v-neck inset and it’s perfect!
I just loved this dress Janet Jackson wore at the end of Why Did I get Married.  I think that B5030 made up in a knit (with an added v-shaped yoke seamline) would work great.
Angelina Jolie’s wardrobe in The Tourist reminded me of Hitchcock movies.  The first dress she wore in the movie looks very much like retro Butterick 5032.  5032’s neckline would just have to be converted to a bateau neckline from the given square one.
Now if anyone makes the Twilight wedding dress out of B5779 for the contest, should automatically win the Mood prize!  Look at all those buttons!!
Boy, I am so much more productive in my imaginary sewing :).

Now may be the best time to buy a pattern for the contest.  Butterick patterns are on sale for $1.88 until Friday!


3 thoughts on “Imaginary Sewing: Butterick Sewing Contest & $1.88 Sale

  1. BeaJay

    "Boy, I am so much more productive in my imaginary sewing :)." – LOL – I am too. I can imagine up a full wardrobe and plan for it no problem – it's the sewing that holds me up. Love your ideas. Thanks for pointing out this contest. I hadn't heard of it.


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