RSS Troubles

I’m having such a hard time with Google Reader’s  impending demise.  I am trying to work with feedly, but it feels different, reads different and I have the hardest time finding older stuff on it.  I am so behind on blog reading (and commenting).  And then the fact that my tagged items are not showing up as tagged!  Heavens, this feels like a bad breakup where the dude kept some of my favorite stuff!  Feedly did send me an email link to a blog post with tips for transitioning to feedly.  I read it last night, but I have to say it’s not really helping me.
Maybe I’ve having rss trust issues due to being the dumpee in terms of Google Reader, but I don’t want to put more effort into a platform that may leave me later.  Selfoss seems like just what I want.  Only thing is I’m a bit stuck about having to have my own server.  I don’t know anything about self hosting.  Maybe this blog will be helpful.
The blog author also has posts on how to get into self-hosting.  The search continues.
And I guarantee the next post will be about sewing!  I’m almost finished with my Jean-ius project (a.k.a. – pants master pattern).

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