Girls Can Fix Cars Too!

Ok, this is not sewing-related, but I am stoked and want to save my achievement for posterity.  I really want to save it for myself :).
I love my car, it’s a teal Scion xB. 

On Friday after work, I even said to my car, “you’re such a good car.” And it is — but it wouldn’t start again once I got home on Friday.

It wasn’t the battery because Steve helped me replace that early last month.  So it had to be the starter (Scion web forums say the starter solenoid, but my car’s solenoid is on the starter, not the body of the car).  Hooray for the internet because I found the full repair manual for my car online and followed those diagrams step-by-step to replace the starter myself!

There’s the old starter in my hand

And there’s the new starter installed!

The kids helped me push the car into the garage once I got it into neutral so I could work on it.  Once I was finished I was going around the house chanting “I’m a geen-i-us! Woo hoo!”  The Little Miss and Mister were not impressed:  “That’s a matter of opinion, Mommy.”  Piffle – I am an instruction-following genius!
I guess all those times my father dragged us kids outside to show us kids how to work cars paid off!   Thanks Dad!

3 thoughts on “Girls Can Fix Cars Too!

  1. Jimmy Reeder

    Hurray for you! I know some people, both male and female, who would shy away from making any repairs on their own but you tackled that job like it was nothing. I won't be surprised if you start changing tires, oils, radiators and whatnot in the future. Haha! –Jimmy @


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