P.S.A.: Pants Master Pattern Continued

Oh boy, I think I got the fit I want.  I widened the legs of my jean-ius pattern draft muslin while keeping the waist and upper thigh I liked so much on the original jeans.  Then I made up another muslin in a super shiny moire polyester I inherited from my mom’s stash.  I got to sew these up last night.

When I first zipped up this muslin and looked in the mirror, I thought “Holy weird flare, Batman!” Once I spread the super-tight thigh area, the whole thing looked much better.  I then made a plumb line and the Little Mister helped me re-draw the side seam.  Below is a closer view of the new side seam and spread thigh area.

I’m seriously pleased with the fit now.  While running errands to get these two back to school after 2 weeks out (1 weather-related week + 1 vacation week = happy kids), I’m going to try to decide what fabric to make these up in first.  Which fabric do you all think I should use?  Here are the contenders:

The top fabric is an orange cut corduroy I got from Affordable Fabrics some years ago.  I’ve always wanted orange cords for a while now and even have sweaters and tops waiting to pair with them.

The middle fabric is a black and white striped mid-weight denim I got from Affordable Fabrics years ago, too.  I bought a lot of this one (about 6 yards) so if something goes wrong with the pants construction, I still have plenty to try again.  My only concern with this fabric is that it may come off as too dressy for my job’s “dress down” day.

The third fabric is a dark vintage denim.  It is 100% non-stretch cotton and is still a bit stiff after 3 pre-washes.  There is enough for 1 project.


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