Personal Sewing Academy: Setting Fit Goals & Master Patterns

I’ve been toying with this idea for months.  I’d really like to be a prolific sewer, but I’d also like to sew things that will fit me and I’ll actually wear.  I think I’ve laid a pretty good groundwork with all the lessons I’ve watched and things I’ve read.  Not to mention the 3 fit muslins for the Craftsy couture dress class.  *Sigh* – I’m still hand stitching silk organza to the pattern pieces.  One day this dress will be done.

One of my goals is to get a set of pattern slopers from which I can work.  I really like the set of garments Claudia Ein’s book How to Design Your Own Clothes and Make Your Own Patterns shows.  I first saw this book in the library when I was in high school and it has haunted me ever since.  I finally got my own copy last year!  Makes a anumber of designs based on the 5 master patterns outlined in her book.

There are 5 master patterns Ein suggests in her book:

Master Patterns in Claudia Ein’s book

Claudia Ein book Recommended Slopers

1.  A-line (no waist seam) dress

Recommended A-line Dress Sloper

It would be interesting to see if I can wear an A-line dress.  I have found that a lack of waist definition is not my best look.  But I could always belt the dress…

2.  Pants

Recommended Trousers Sloper

It is wildly cold here at the moment and I am struck by the fact that I have only 2 pair of pants (and 2 pair of woefully inadequate jeans).  I have been working on drafting a jeans pattern with Kenneth King’s Craftsy class which I would be perfectly happy to adapt to pants, once the fit is right.  And, I’m so excited I think I have the fit right, but that’s another post!

3 & 4.  Bodice and Skirt seam dress

Recommended Skirt and Bodice Slopers

I’ve got these two master patterns already.  My 1 Dress project from last year has netted me well-fitting bodice and skirt master patterns.  The bodice is princess seamed as is the skirt (which is straight, not a-line).  They fit great and I have used the bodice and skirt to make alterations on other patterns already.

5.  Blouse

Recommended Blouse Sloper

This one is not making the cut.  I hardly ever wear button-down shirts, what with the gaping at the chest and having to make buttonholes and all.  I’m really leaning toward making a master tee shirt pattern.  I signed up for the Fit the Tee to a T class on PatternReview, made alterations to J. Stern’s tee pattern and have it in the hopper for a fit test muslin.

I’m excited at how close I am to having these master patterns!


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