My 1 Dress – Not Finished in 2012…

Happy New Year to All! (It’s still new, even if I’m a few days behind.)

I have been enjoying all the lovely 2012 round-up blog posts!  I am nowhere near as productive as some others, but I am pretty pleased with what I have accomplished last year.

In terms of actual sewing, I:

  • Signed up for Susan Khalje’s The Couture Dress course on Craftsy.  Which led to 3 muslins (but no finished goodness yet).  Fitting the pattern that came with the course gave me fits, but I think things are progressing now.  The final fabric is cut out and I’m in the midst of attaching the underlining.  And, it didn’t help that I lost the originally altered sleeve pattern.  Boy am I glad I took those progress photos.
  • Used MeToo to make a clingwrap sloper.  The measurements from this sloper are coming in very handy.
  • Signed up for Kenneth King’s Jean-ius course on Craftsy.  I’m up to the draft stage of this course.  Very straightforward.  And since I already waxed poetical about it, I’ll just link here.
  • Worked on the bodice of Gertie’s bombshell dress.  I wound up drafting my own bra cups to accommodate my, um, generous proportions.  Too bad I forgot about re-sizing the attached bodice pieces at the same time.  So I moved on to something else.  I really want to make a vintage style swimsuit with the bombshell dress pattern.  I’ll revisit it come summer.
  • Graded a pattern.  I graded up Vogue 9560 to get a skirt that fit me.  This was the first pattern I graded up.  I’m not sure I love how much time it took to grade the skirt, but I learned a lot in the process.
  • Sewed my first knit dress.  I morphed McCall’s 6163 and wore it to an early fall wedding.  I love the dress!  But I didn’t count on the extra-stretchiness of the 4-way stretch I bought.  I’m going to disassemble the dress and re-cut it to fix the stretch floppiness.
  • I signed up for Fit the Tee to a T on PatternReview.  I also ordered the most expensive pattern I’ve ever bought; J.Sterns Designs The Tee pattern.  I made pattern adjustments for my size last weekend.
  • And, I made my first art quilt.  Actually, my 1st quilted item at all.  Using thread to draw on fabric and then coloring it was a fun process.
  • Oh, yes, and I made pattern alterations on a few other items.  Hopefully I’ll get to blog about them at some point.

I continued my sewing education this year too.  I gave myself the 2011 Threads archive dvd last Christmas.  I have gone through all the issues and made some really useful notes.  Kenneth King’s smart-fitting series has been especially helpful while fitting My 1 Dress.  I also found that the article on S-darts useful for me too.  I bought Lynda Maynard’s CD book on fitting, Rashbach’s fitting and pattern alteration book, Nancy Zieman’s Pattern Fitting with Confidence dvd, and Palmer Pletsch’s full bust alterations dvd.  I also signed up for Angela Wolf’s designer unlined jacket video class on PatternReview.

On the life front, I:

  • Kept the children healthy and clothed this year :).
  • Have made fits and starts with my eating changes.  I haven’t gained any weight, but I’m not sure if I lost any either.  I think I’m ok with that.
  • Painted a belt and boots.  The boots started to flake at the moveable parts, so I re-painted the boots…
  • I’ve worked on my mom’s estate.  I haven’t written about it on the blog, but my mom had an almost compulsive collecting habit.  This has made for a huge stash of – well – everything.  At 15 months after my mom’s passing, I’m ok-ish with getting rid of the truckloads of stuff.
  • And The Little Miss and I started taking bellydance classes.  My mom talked about it a few times before she passed away and I’d been toying with taking swing dance lessons.  After hemming and hawing about the swing dance classes, I decided on bellydance and I’m glad I did.  It’s fun and makes me think I’m slightly more coordinated than I previously thought :).

2013 is going to be a big year.  I’m at the 6-month countdown point for getting ready for the big move.  The kids will be finished with 5th grade in June: time for to start looking at jobs and locations seriously.

And finish my couture dress!


2 thoughts on “My 1 Dress – Not Finished in 2012…

  1. Carolyn

    Wow! it sounds like you've had an extremely busy, and very productive year!Best of wishes for a wonderfully healthy and happy 2013 JuliN, and I hope you have a blast at those belly-dancing classes… what fun!


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