Frankenstorm and an Enforced Work Break

As an East Coast dweller, the kids and I are home due to the frankenstorm Sandy.  The kids’ school district cancelled school for Monday and Tuesday on Sunday morning so we will be home until at least Wednesday.  Thank goodness the lights just flickered numerous times last night but we still have power.  My thoughts and prayers go out to those without power and in the flood plane from this storm.  Stay safe all.

I appreciate the rest from being at home an extra day, I especially appreciate that I had time to work on sewing!  I messed up my first invisible zip application on the M6313 stretch woven version, so I ripped them out and re-applied.  Looking much better :).  I cut out two very easy dresses from Burda 7515 which I hope to sew up today.

Burda 7515, view A

Layout check for 2-sleeved Burda 7515

I also finally made my first silk organza purchase (through Dharma Trading – will definitely be using them again) and am tracing the final version of My 1 Dress onto organza this morning!  More pics to follow.


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