What Else I’ve Been Doing on Craftsy

I’m signed up for 5 Craftsy courses:  3 sewing and 2 others.  I’m pleased to say I don’t just watch the lessons on my smartphone :).

One of the others is jewelry making and the second is Tunisian crochet.  I really only signed up for the jewelry course so the Little Miss can use it, but I felt compelled to try the headpin work myself.

My necklace:

Other than the headpins from Walmart, all the necklace components are from old, thrifted necklaces.  I put the necklace together during a Sunday when I couldn’t gather the energy to do much more than sit in a chair and watch tv (and make a necklace).  I’m pleased with it and have worn it twice already.

My Tunisian Crochet spa cloth

I used some Sugar’N’Cream cotton yarn I had at home – and a size J Tunisian crochet hook my mom had – to practice the Tunisian crochet stitches I’d been watching on Craftsy.  I made a few errors, but it was fun to practice.  And while knitting confuses me (corralling 2 needles and the yarn and working a pattern, oh my!), but I really enjoyed the Tunisian crochet.  The reverse stitch is a little tricky, but I just kept replaying the stitch movements to get it right.  I finished this in a few hours.

On the sewing front, I am working on the sizing the bustier cups for the bombshell dress.  The September wedding will be here before I know it!  I hope to have at least the paper pattern adjustments finished this week.


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