My 1 Dress – Muslin #3

These past six weeks have been difficult for me.  It’s been a struggle to get up and go to work a lot of the time.  This week will be my first year at my current job; my supervisor’s been out on medical leave for 8 of those months…

Thank God for the twins – I’m glad to have them to take care of :).  And it’s their 10th birthday tomorrow.  Boy, the time goes fast!

On to the dress progress.  I finished working on my 3rd muslin – which is huge for me.  I never ever made muslins before, much less 3.  But I think I’m almost there.
muslin3 sidemuslin3 frontmuslin3 back
For this muslin version, I …

  • got rid of the midriff band.  I think with my short-waisted self, it’s best to leave the midriff off. 
  • put in a side-seam, hand-picked lapped zipper.  I quite like the result, but I really need to pratice my hand-sewing :).
  • completed the back pleat.  I’m sure if I love it though.

There’s still some excess fabric happening on the front seams.  I made marks to take in the two seams in. And I think the protruding derriere adjustment needs to move up 2 in.  And I never adjusted the smaller wrinkles on my lower back…

Whew!  I’m fatigued from all this fitting, but I’m not abandoning my 1 dress. 

We have a wedding to attend in September and Steve likes the bombshell dress.  I’ve got some (new) bodice fitting to do if I’m going to get this dress made.


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