My 1 Dress: The Unfortunate Juice Incident & Some More Craftsy News

I’m still around! I lost some steam on my 1 dress project after an *ahem* unfortunate juice spilling incident and my fabric. Thank goodness it wasn’t my final garment fabric. But I was very upset with the twins. There may have been a bit of crying involved (on my part). Ahh, such is the life of a mom. There is no safe place for project work when one doesn’t have a dedicated craft room…

I’ve had about 10 days to calm down so I think I’ll hop back in the saddle. Hopefully tonight after we go see “The Avengers.” I have also been working on other projects watching the Craftsy classes I’ve enrolled in. I’m now up to 5 classes! I’ve learned a lot and even if I don’t have time to implement everything I’ve learned so far, the classes will always be there. And it give me and my smartphone some serious bonding time while I’m working ;).

And since I watch at least 1 lesson every day, I noticed this morning that it looks like Craftsy’s dropped their enrollment prices. Take a gander…

Seriously, if you are even thinking about taking Jean-ius, take it! I have found Kenneth King’s lessons by far the most practically applicable sewing course on Craftsy. Take the class! You’ll be glad you did. I know I am.

More later gators.


One thought on “My 1 Dress: The Unfortunate Juice Incident & Some More Craftsy News

  1. Amy Bailes

    I've been thinking about taking a couple of on-line classes on Craftsy – isn't it just the neatest web-site? I really like it.About the RV – it's a hundred times better than staying in a hotel room. You don't have to worry about your kids disturbing the people on the floor below you while they're trying to sleep. And if you stay at an RV park that has activities for kids? The twins will love you for it (they should love you anyway)!


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