OOTD: What I Have Learned From Taking Outfit Pics

I have been taking outfit photos since the beginning of the year.  On the left of the blog is the Flickr stream slideshow of all my outfit photos.

These chronicles have helped me learn a number of things about my appearance.  Below are the top 10 things I’ve learned: 

    • My skirts are really hiked up in the back.

      Just the shadow of the hiking shows here.
      1.22.12 back
      This is a very cute skirt but there is a significant “dip” from the back.
        • Do “they” REALLY look that big to everyone else? Steve says “yes” every time I incredulously ask this question.
          2.14.12 front

            • I don’t do much with my hair.

              2.14.12 side3.6.12 -2nd pic3.6.12 Outfit

                • I need trousers.  I’ve only worn two pair this year.
                  1.16.12 side
                  This pair came from my mom’s closet.
                  These poor Loft chinos are fading I’ve had them so long.
                    • I’ve also narrowed down the work looks I like best.
                      3.12.12 OOTD
                      A sheath dress & waist length cardi make a flattering outfit.
                      A dress w/ below-knee flared skirt and cardi.
                      4.16.12 side
                      A yellow faux-wrap dress, who woulda thunk it?
                        • I clearly don’t like ornamentation on my clothing.
                          I did everything I could to cover the bib beading…

                            • I’m fat (but I already knew that…).  No need for any additional photos to accompany this one ;).
                                • I can look quite nice with makeup on.
                                    • I haven’t dipped into my mother’s clothing store, I mean closet, as much as I thought.
                                        • It’s ok if I don’t have a fully me-made wardrobe. At this juncture in my life, that isn’t a realistic option for me. And that’s ok.

                                          These photos have been a fun exercise for me.  Now I’m working on getting more comfortable doing something with my hair, other than pulling it back by midafternoon, letting it hang loose, or pipe cleaner sets. And learning to take better photos!! hahaha


                                          3 thoughts on “OOTD: What I Have Learned From Taking Outfit Pics

                                          1. Carolyn

                                            You look great in each of your outfits here, and you are so right; the camera is such a useful tool for helping one figure out their own style, as well as telling you how you really look in something. I am sometimes surprised by how different I look in a photo, even from my reflection in the mirror!Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my skirt

                                          2. Ola

                                            You can fix, the skirt hiking up in the back with an adjustment for a prominent behind. Check out Sandra Betzina's fast fit.

                                          3. JuliN

                                            Thanks Ola. I've definitely added the adjustment to my 1 dress project. I used her adjustment from Power Sewing. I like that book more than her Fast Fit.


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