My 1 Dress – Muslin 1 Progress Continued

I’m still working on my first muslin of my 1 dress.  My first muslin – ugh!  But I really want to get this fit right, so I’m not too upset about it.  I mean, 1 dress in the year 2012 is still totally attainable.  It’s only the beginning of April! (*smile*). 
Pin fitting the first muslin led to a smooth bodice while the dress was on, but made the armscye just crazy!

There was no way the sleeve would fit into the mess I had just made, so I got out all 4 of the fitting books I have to see what I could do to fix the situation. I settled on the good old pivot and slide technique for the square shoulder adjustment/armscye fix. Here’s the result of my handiwork so far. V8648 first muslin bodice adjustments V8648 first muslin bodice adjustments!
My goal is to make a second bodice muslin this week. Wow, I must be growing up, because I would have scrapped this in pure frustration before!


One thought on “My 1 Dress – Muslin 1 Progress Continued

  1. Carolyn

    I think your first muslin looks quite gorgeous! You re doing so well with the careful planning of this dress! And that coat Mrs O was wearing? GORGEOUS!! I hope you think about making this one up too!


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