My 1 Dress: Muslin Progress

After 1 full weekend day, and two up-til-2am nights of sewing – not to mention watching all of Season 1 of Blue Bloods on DVD – I finished sewing the muslin early this morning.  Below are photos of the results so far.

V8648 muslin front V8648 muslin back V8648 muslin right side view V8648 muslin left side view

I had done a number of pattern alterations before working on the muslin, but I clearly still have some tweaking to do.
1.        I clearly need to further lengthen the bust contour.
2.      I made my short waist adjustments to the midriff band (decreasing the band pieces’ width by 1.5” in front and 1” in back).  From the look of the back of the muslin, it doesn’t look like the short waist adjustment helped completely.  Maybe I’ll see that more clearly when I lengthen the bodice.  And maybe it’s a different fit problem there.
3.      It looks like I need to move the protruding backside adjustment up about 2”.  I like how the back of my skirt isn’t as hiked up as it usually is because of the adjustment, but the bagging shown in the side views should be more like skimming the correct area if moved up.
4.      It also looks like I need to smooth the skirt front under the midriff band.  And maybe I need to add the width back to the midriff band…
5.      Then there are two sets of drag lines that may not show up well in the pics: a) from my left shoulder to my bust and b) from under my bust through the side skirt.
I’ve got some more work to do.  It’s a good thing I got Season 1 of Army Wives from the library too! 

More later gator.


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