MNAC: How I’m Getting Along so Far

Excuse the stream-of-consciousness feel to the following post:


I’ve been adjusting to my emerging wheat allergy slowly.  I still miss tasty things like doughnuts and danishes, and pizza, but I have learned the following things: 


If I have difficulty with wheat, the kids do too.

  • That point got proven last Saturday, when I got weak (lazy) and stopped at MCD for food for the first time in over three months.  45 minutes after eating, the poor Little Mister was miserably sick.  No more MCD.
  • In a hungry, habit-filled daze, I ate half a sandwich from MCD.  I still have a mild case of hives…
  • For about two months now I’ve been making cooked breakfast and lunch for the twins.  I even purchased the cutest insulated apple bento lunch boxes for the purpose.
  • Some lunches have been successes.  The kids totally loved breakfast for lunch.
  • Bob’s Mills’ Gluten-free pancake mix makes totally indistinguishable pancakes which the twins loved. (And loved having for lunch)
  • We are eating more fruits and vegetables. 
  • I’m a fresh veggie killer.  I don’t get to them soon enough and they go bad on me.
  • Time to use frozen only.
  • And it’s time for me to stop faking the funk – it’s less expensive for me to buy California rolls until my technique improves.  And I stop letting sushi veggies go bad…
  • We watched “Forks over Knives” on Netflix this week.  It didn’t employ the scare tactics many other healthy eating documentaries rely on for behavior change motivation.
  • Is there a thrifty way to eat more fruits and vegetables?  This I need to explore.
I also need to explore how much I’ve actually been spending on food.  A few dollars here and a few dollars there adds up.  I just haven’t got a handle on to what.

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