It’s Here, It’s Here! 50% Off Kenneth King’s Craftsy Class!!

(Note:  I’m just passing along this information because I’m so excited.  I have not been compensated for this post and will be paying for my own class registration.)
 I have been learning so much in Susan Khalje’s The Couture Dress class. One day as I logged into Craftsy, I noticed that Kenneth King has a jeans reverse-engineering class.  Since Lee stopped making tall jeans, I’ve been lost. My 1 remaining pair are dying, but I hate to give them up because they fit so well.  Now I can copy them!
And yes, there are written instructions out there (especially if you have the Threads archive dvd like me), but I really am enjoying the video class format on Craftsy along with the interaction with the instructors and other (virtual) classmates.  And it’s wonderful to be able to access classes anytime – like on my smartphone while running reports at work… 
I just got the email below. 50% off Kenneth King’s Jean-ius class!! Yay, I’m signing up today!

— On Sat, 3/3/12, The McCall Pattern Company <> wrote:
From: The McCall Pattern Company <>
Subject: Learn to reverse engineer your favorite fit!
Date: Saturday, March 3, 2012, 3:25 AM

Craftsy – An Online Crafting Community

Kenneth D. King
March 3, 2012
Make All Your Trousers
Your Favorite Trousers
By Kenneth D. King | Couture designer, sewing celebrity, and teacher
I’m Kenneth D. King, New York City-based couturier and sewing author. As you might imagine, I love clothes. I love imagining them, designing them, and making them. But no matter how fabulous a garment might look in your mind or in a magazine, there’s one thing for sure: if it doesn’t fit, it’s not going to look good. That’s doubly true when it comes to trousers! Ironically, trousers are one of toughest items to get a perfect fit!
Custom make trousers that fit.
Custom make trousers that fit.
That’s where my brand new online Craftsy class, Jean-ius: Reverse Engineer Your Favorite Fit, comes in. As hard as it is to find a pair of trousers that fits right, we all have one. It’s our favorite. It flatters us, and it feels good. Well, I have figured out a way to let you use those trousers as a blueprint for as many more as you want! Take them, turn them into a pattern, and then sew yourself a closetful of jeans, slacks, and trousers of all types. They will ALL fit perfectly and look amazing! Meanwhile those trousers you used to make the pattern won’t be harmed in any way whatsoever. This is reverse-engineering without the deconstruction.
I’m also going to pass along some secrets that make so called “tough stuff” easy. For instance, pockets, crotch seams, fly zippers, and waistbands. You’ll be installing, customizing, and cutting them with ease. This class is all about having fun… and making magnificent trousers! And if you sign up now, you’re also going to get 50% off the registration fee! You do not want to pass that up.
Look fabulous in your favorite pants!
Look fabulous in your favorite pants!
Filmed in high-definition (so you can see everything), this class is both online and interactive. That means you watch it according to your schedule and however many times you want. Enroll once and your registration never expires! As you go, ask me questions in the class, and I’ll respond and post comments of my own. You can also post comments so we can get a lively class discussion happening. I know you’re going to love it, and so does Craftsy! If you’re not satisfied with the class, they’ll refund your money no questions asked.
So hurry up and grab this 50% off discount! I can’t wait to make you a Jean-ius!
Kenneth D. King
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