My 1 Dress: Bodice & Sleeve Design Alterations

This week off from work has been great. For the first time in years I haven’t been contacted in any way about work while off. I’ve also accomplished my Goodwill furniture donation run on Thursday. I am so thankful the weather was beautiful up until Thursday night. Then it snowed! Gotta get a reminder of winter in New England sometime :).

To recap, here is My Goal Dress Base Pattern:

On to the alterations/backstory. I had always wanted to wear this dress to my 8th grade semi-formal dance:
Butterick 4616
While I didn’t think so at the time, my mom’s objection was probably sensible. But, oh, how I pined over Butterick 4616! I haven’t had the occasion to make this outfit since I’ve reached adulthood, but used the neckline for my 1 dress.

I also knew I wanted this dress to have three-quarter length sleeves, which do not come with the base pattern. So, I took the very nice darted sleeve from vintage Simplicity 3108 (that I first mentioned here).

Simplicity 3108

Here are some (boring, but useful) photos of my neckline and sleeve design alterations. Sandra Betzina gives a really nice explanation of combining patterns in Power Sewing.

V8648 & Butterick 4616 - fronts V8648 - altered front

V8648 & Butterick 4616 - backs V8648 - altered back

V8648 & Simplicity 3108 V8648 - Sleeve altered

I added a kick pleat to the skirt back as well. On to the (many) fit alterations!


One thought on “My 1 Dress: Bodice & Sleeve Design Alterations

  1. Carolyn

    I love your inspiration, and your ideas for this dress. Such a gorgeous silhouette. And I think it is wonderful you can incorporate elements of your dream 8th grade dress! Awesome!


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