Working Toward a Dress Sloper, Take 3: The Clingwrap Product

I keep slowly feeling like I’m getting some of my focus back. Saturday afternoon, Steve and I took the kids roller skating then out for grinders. I think I was more excited than the kids – I used to love going skating! Before we left for skating, I transferred the markings from clingwrap to polyethylene (a clear shower curtain).

I had cut the cling wrap off MeToo ages ago.
Here’s a photo of the shell fresh off MeToo.

I had transferred the front and back outlines to kraft paper but found that wasn’t very user-friendly. Then I transferred all the markings to soil separator, but that was so thin I was afraid to do anything with it.

Lynda Maynard suggests sloper markings get transferred to a sheet of clear plastic, like a clear shower curtain. I had a clear shower curtain from Ikea that I don’t need for the shower at my mom’s condo. So it as perfect for the job!

Here’s a photo of the work in progress. The shower curtain is so clear you can hardly see it here.

I now have all the measurements I need in one place: With Lynda Maynard’s De-Mystifying Fit book on CD & the copy of Pattern Fitting & Alteration, A Multi-Method Approach, I should be good-to-go to alter pattern pieces!

Edited Addition: I have to say that the Hong Kong Shopper’s blog post on saran wrap slopers was very helpful to me in this process. Thanks!

My new goal is to finish at least 1 dress that fits me this year. I think even I can attain that goal – hopefully with less frustration and more satisfaction :).


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