Cardigans! & JCPenney’s New System

During one of my trips into the office kitchen yesterday I spied a JC
Penney book. It was square and when I paged through it, the clothing
colors presented and the book’s layout reminded me of my beloved Boden.
(Yes, the Boden that doesn’t really love me back price and size-wise.
It’s an unrequited thing…).

My mom used to buy much of our clothing from Sears and JC Penney when I
was growing up. Their clothing comes in a huge range of sizes – which
is good for the “non-standard” sized of us. Until recently, I haven’t
bought new clothing for myself in over 5 years and when I started with
some small purchases recently, JC Penney wasn’t really on the list.
Their clothing was usually just a little too boring for me.

But I really liked the book I saw yesterday. It seems that JCP is
having month-long special pricing on items and have lowered their prices
across the board to eliminate confusing and irritating sales. On one
page of the lookbook, I saw $12 cardigans. $12??! I am always freezing
at work and cardigans look better on me than jackets. I had to wait
until JCP updated their website today to find the cardigans in question.

This solid-color v-neck cardigan is available in 10 colors and is only $12 for the
entire month of February.

This patterned cardigan is available in 6 patterns and is only $15 for the
entire month of February.

These $12 and $15 cardigans are comparable to Boden’s $78 v-neck cardis.

JCP’s cardis are 100% cotton and Boden’s are cotton blend. JCP also has
free shipping for purchases over $50 and free shipping to store always.
I know which ones I’m gonna buy this month…


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