Accidentally Tasty Lunch

Since I’ve been doing some research on gluten intolerance, I think at least the Little Miss has symptoms of it too. So, no more sandwiches for lunch. And so I am making all the kids’ lunches now. I made chicken salad this morning, but we are out of mayonnaise and I didn’t have time to chop up the hard boiled eggs to add to the salad (they can just scarf those down for snack after school).

Soooo, I took the canned chicken breast and sprinkled it with some Hidden Valley Ranch dry seasoning, added some chopped celery and used plain yogurt to wet/bind it all. The kids got sent off with wraps and I made lettuce wraps with romaine leaves at work. UMMM UMMM UMMM! I hope they hated it so I can bring the rest to work tomorrow!

Of course, I didn’t photograph it, but here’s a lettuce wrap pic from the What Did You Eat blog.


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