I’ve Been Taking Photos…

I started taking photos of my work outfits last week. And I’ve been using my mom’s digital camera. Now I’ve got to get them off-camera for downloading.

It’s been a bit tricky finding a place to set up the gorillapod for self-timed photos – the condo is still stuffed to the gills. It’s really something to see myself on camera. I am clearly the heaviest I’ve ever been. Oh, who’m I kidding? I’m fat. And that’s ok – I’m still going to take photos.

I did stop taking photos after Friday night. The Little Miss and I had a slight collision. While I was sitting, we knocked heads and she hit my glasses. I thought my nose was broken.

If the above is the result of wearing glasses, I think it’s time to get contacts again. My face hurts too much to put foundation on, it almost hurts too much to wash my face, but an oil-slick is not cool for work.

On other fronts, the Little Miss and I put an Ikea table together for the basement room. I’m impressed that DD took the initiative on Saturday morning to finish what I started on Friday night. Good job, Little Mama!

It snowed on Saturday. I mean no matter how much I dislike it, it’s January in New England – snow is to be expected. My sister had elective surgery on Friday and I wanted to go check on her, but the roads were too bad. I made creamy chicken vegetable soup from the QVC cookbook in the slow cooker. On Sunday the roads were better. The kids and I trooped down to New Haven to deliver the soup and check up on my sister.

And sadly, Etta James passed away from leukemia on Friday. And the front page of Yahoo had this Cyndi Lauper tribute to Ms. James:

Rest in Peace Miss Etta.


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