Mama Needs…to Cook! Pork & Sweet Potato Stew

It would be fabulous (& specious) for me to say that I’d hit the ground running with my cooking goals for 2012. I had grand plans of cooking ahead for the week. I made a dinner plan for the week last Friday and went grocery shopping on Sunday (after getting the car serviced on Saturday). Then I got tired… The kids had MCD for dinner on Monday night. But we were back on track last night! One of the recipes I wanted to try was a pork and sweet potato stew from Better Homes & Garden’s website. On Monday night, I cooked up 3 pork chops from the freezer with two small bullion cubes in the slow cooker. Before work yesterday, I added most of the ingredients from the recipe to the crock (I forgot the onion, used plain cranberry juice and added spinach), and left it on low. Dinner was ready when I got home!

The reviewers on BHG were right that the consistency is more that of a soup than a stew, but I don’t mind. This was very tasty! Who would have thought that pork chops, spinach, sweet potatoes, cranberry juice, celery, and garlic would be such a good combo? I thought the kids would enjoy this recipe more than I would – with the savory and sweet flavor combo: The Little Miss gave it a big thumbs up, the Little Mister (picky eater) gave it an initial thumbs down then came around to a thumbs up. The Little Miss and I both brought it for lunch today.

The recipe made plenty – enough for dinner for three, lunch for two and another bowl’s-worth that I packaged and froze for later. I will definitely make this again.


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