Make Something Sunday: Holiday Slug-a-Bed

With my mom gone, I’m having some *ahem* motivational issues. I get up every day and do what needs to be done, but preparing for Christmas moved sluggishly. My manic decorating (our tree and decorations met an unfortunate end in The Flood) and relentless Christmas music playing have gone by the wayside this year. It’s also still quite crowded with stuff at my mom’s place – no real space for a tree. I now see why my mom only had the tiny crèche…

But my kids needed some level of holiday normalcy – and that means a tree! So we made one, a window-mounted one! Our tree is a mass of snowflakes made from old Boden catalogs with the tree-shaped trunk pages made from Garnet Hill catalogs.

The kids did a great job making snowflakes and it was a great project to work on while watching Harry Potter #8. The “star” is a giant bow from Dollar Tree.

When we first worked on it two Saturdays ago, I taped green lights to the tree.

That did not work as the lights are too heavy for the paper. The lights are now relegated to a cute hurricane lamp to the side of the tree.

Total Tree Cost: $1 (for the bow/star from Dollar Tree)

Overall I’m pleased with the outcome and the kids have a tree. And, being the procrastinator I am, I made the cereal box gift bag for my sister’s gifts yesterday (uh huh, on Christmas day). The velvet ribbon was marked down from $5.99 to $0.99 at Michael’s last week. And the golden Christmas tree wrapping paper used as a cover ie from my mom’s stash.

One thought on “Make Something Sunday: Holiday Slug-a-Bed

  1. Carolyn

    This is an absolutely fantastic idea for a Christmas tree, so creative and very clever! I hope you had a lovely Christmas Day, and best wishes for a great New Year!


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