A New Pastime

Now that I’m at a job where I sit at a computer most of the day, (my smartphone and) I have developed a new pastime: I look at vintage patterns on Vintage Patterns Wiki. I remember when Erin over at Dress a Day set it up. I finally have time to peruse the lovely images on there.

I know that lots of folks who love vintage are infatuated with the twirly, swishy crinoline confections from the 1950s. My body and 50s circle skirts only nod in passing. Not for lack of my trying, but I don’t think circle skirts do it for me. The 60s silhouettes generally make me look pregnant – not good when I’m not.

But the 1940s. Ah, the 1940s. I have spent a number of hours looking through the decade category. I think the 40s lines are for me: The pre-war knee length numbers on to the post-1947 early New Look frocks. I will know soon enough since I bought this lovely for a good price on eBay.

It should be here soon!


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