Awesome Tights Tutorials

CRAFT Magazine’s blog had a link to this fabulous tutorial today. Taking hole-y kids’ tights, and cheap ladies’ knee socks to make funky kids’ tights. I know what I’m going to do with the Little Miss’s outgrown tights…

Awesome kids’ knee-sock tights tutorial

There are two other tights (ok, one is for leggings, but they’d be worn as tights…) tutorials I first became acquainted with through Wardrobe Refashion:

1. Carolyn’s make your own tights tutorial. And I have some sheer stretch fabric in the stash just waiting for me to turn them into tights (for me!)

2. Elizabeth Abernathy’s sweater-to-leggings tutorial. I’ve got a fuzzy blue sweater waiting to become leggings for the Little Miss. (Note: The tutorial is no longer on her blog, but the after pic is still on Wardrobe Refashion.)


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