My Mommy Made This

Snowstorm, power outages, school cancellations and all, the kids and I are moved into my mother’s place. It still looks like 2 households jammed into 1 space, but we’re no longer going back and forth.

My mom liked to buy things A LOT of things. So, every closet, drawer, and nook is filled with stuff. My mom also used to sew things. My sister and I are slowly going through things. In my perusals I saw a lovely grey knit dress my mom made from this 1990 Simplicity pattern.

While I love the basque waist (and the shoulder pads), my body shape and this dress do not see shoulder-to-shoulder (or chest-to-chest for that matter). I looked like a linebacker in a tutu when I tried the dress on. But, I knew it would look great on my sister. And it does.

She wore it to work the following Monday. My mother also had a lot of shoes and boots. My sister brought home a lovely beige suede pair: I advised her to wear them with the dress a la FLOTUS.

Image credit

I loved the Derek Lam dress as soon as I saw it. A grey princess-line dress with a handkerchief hem may make it’s way into my wardrobe when things settle down.


One thought on “My Mommy Made This

  1. Carolyn

    That is indeed a gorgeous dress; how wonderful your mother has held on to those fabulous patterns all these years!Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog …


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