Working Toward a Dress Sloper, Take 2

Boy, I’m hard on myself. I’m having a tough time focussing on one thing at a time when 5 or 6 need to be done. On the homefront, the Little Miss and Mister started at a new school on Monday. It was just getting too hard to drive them across town and then double back to go to work. They seem to be adjusting ok. And I still have to move some furniture from the old apartment to my mom’s townhouse – and call the Salvation Army to pick up the rest. My lease is up on Monday and I haven’t heard 1 peep from the landlord since the great flood of ’26.
Now, on to my slow progress on the sewing front. On Sunday morning, I added more measurement lines to the cling wrap and finished the measurements Sunday night before bed. I missed a few that B5746 called for (like hip length and arm measurements). I finally finished those up last night.

Many people suggest that seamstresses buy patterns based on their high bust size: I didn’t know that when I bought my fitting shell pattern in 2007. I should have bought a 16 based on my high bust but bought a 20 based on my full bust.
After comparing my measurements to the Butterick’s standard size 20 measurements, I’ve learned a few things – or had a few things made glaringly obvious.

  1. I am short-waisted. Well, I kinda knew that already based on my work to adjust Simplicity 7924 early last month. If the measurements are right, my front waistline is shorter than my back.
  2. I am asymmetrical. And here I thought MeToo was hanging askew. My left shoulder is higher than my right, my back lengths and shoulder slopes are different. The back upper bodice seems the most noticeable by measurement: my left and right sides are almost 1″ different in that spot.
  3. Except for the waist length and hip width measurements, I need to add between 1″ and 3″ to every body point.

I think it’s really good that I’m working on this sloper. I should be able to customize any pattern after finishing this project.
Next up on the sloper front, I’m going to cut the clingwrap off MeToo and flatten the pieces out.


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