Working Toward a Dress Sloper, Take 1

After all the hours I spent to get my first successful FBA right, I starting looking for a way to get fit right in a more systematic way. That’s where sloper work comes in. I have wanted a fitted dress sloper for about 4 years. My own fitting work was initially frustrating and unsuccessful. I went so far as to put the call out for a local seamstress to help me make one. That was unsuccessful too.

Now that most of my clothing is gone, it’s time for a new wardrobe –time for a dress sloper! The boyfriend wrapped me in duct tape earlier this year which yielded MeToo. She has been helpful for fitting but not necessarily for a sloper. Yet. I have Butterick’s fitting shell pattern (the new number is B5627) and was doing some online research about its effectiveness, when I came across this review by Liana (hey, that’s my the Little Miss’s name, too!). Some folks have used clingwrap to make slopers.

I have clingwrap and I have MeToo. Sooo, I wrapped MeToo in clingwrap while sitting with the kids at bedtime on Tuesday. Wednesday night I used painter’s tape, a Sharpie marker, and plumb lines (for center front and back) to mark out main fitting and cutting lines.

After taking this photo and before I went to sleep last night, I added shoulder seam lines. The painter’s tape didn’t want to stick to the clingwrap, so I put clear mailing tape on top of each line when I was satisfied with its position.

I still need to add side seam markings and would like to add the following measurement lines based on the 1986 edition of Fitting & Pattern Alteration: A Multi-Method Approach I got for 19.95 on

I hope to get good results from this exercise that I can then use with Lynda Maynard’s e-book. (I bought that right after taking the PatternReview FBA course.)


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