Vogue’s 2-Day Sale

Vogue’s having a $4.99 pattern sale today and tomorrow. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the added expenses I’ve incurred (I’m taking over my mom’s mortgage and condo fees until everything clears probate). I don’t think I can swing even $4.99 per pattern right now. But these two are just calling my name…

The lines for both dresses are pretty similar. I like how both have the sheath and flared skirt options as well. Maybe I can find something close to those in what’s left of my pattern stash. The flood took out a number of my patterns. Thank goodness I stored most of my stash in the Stash Storage Sheets I made – even the few patterns I still had stored in sheet protectors were toast. My entire pattern collection could have been wiped out without the Stash Storage Sheets.

I hope to have my SSS ’11 outfits posted here tonight too…

2 thoughts on “Vogue’s 2-Day Sale

  1. Amy

    I really like 8633, but you're right that they both are very similar. I think it's the waistband on 8633 that makes me like it more.


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