It’s Been a Difficult Week…

And I thought the worst thing that would happen was that my phone was off for repair.  The kids and I came home on Monday to a 50% flooded apartment.  The people upstairs had a flood and it leaked down to our place.  Thank goodness all of the damage was to my things.

But then Tuesday came.  Since I’m working full-time now, mother had been picking my kids up after school.  She wasn’t waiting to pick them up on Tuesday.  My daughter called to let me know.  I called and got no answer.  So I asked my boyfriend (thank goodness he lives in town and was home) to go to my mom’s and see if her vehicle was in the drive.  It was; and when he rang her doorbell, my mom’s doggie barked and barked without my mom shushing her.  I left work and came to my mom’s condo.

I have a key so we walked right in.  I found her lying on the floor.  My mother is gone – she had only turned 60 in May.  I am devastated yet still in shock.  I have to write her obituary today.


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