Princess-Seam FBA Progress

On the princess-seam FBA front – I have made great progress! I’m working with OOP Simplicity 7924, which is the pattern I used to make my high school graduation dress.

I have a love affair with this pattern and Simplicity 8345 (which sadly got destroyed in one of my adult house-moves) and made at least six different versions of these princess-seamed dresses.  Instead of using the princess-seam fba instructions, I added 5″ to the bust using pivot-and-slide.  I wound up adding too much to the bust.

And, looking at the muslin on MeToo, my short-waistedness was glaringly obvious.  MeToo’s hanger is off-center and that makes her a little lopsided…
MeToo and I had some real fun marking the muslin and taking in the excess. It’s very liberating to write on fabric with a permanent marker!  I wound up making a 1.5″ short-waist adjustment.

I’m ready to cut out the wearable fabric! And just in time – the twins’ father is getting married next week and invited me and my
boyfriend to the wedding rehearsal and wedding! Stay tuned.


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