Updates and Self-Stitched September Day 1

Hurricane Irene came through and we fared well!  We never lost power and only had some tree limbs down.  Too bad the first two days of school were cancelled.  I had to take the kids back to their father on Monday night because I had to go to work (I’m still on probation at work).  There was a lot of crying during the hour drive down, but at least I know they are supervised at their father’s.  But I pick them up (again) tomorrow night!  Yay!

Today is the first day of September & the first day of Self-Stitched September! Today’s outfit is an ease-in entry – not all made from scratch.  At least the colors coordinate!

Dress: Refashioned
Slip (not pictured): Thrifted
Poncho: Crocheted by me
Shoes: Payless
This dress was on sale at Kohl’s two or three years ago.  I loved the color combo but the store didn’t have my size, so I bought a 1X. 1X is too big for me and so this dress has been hanging in the closet since I bought it.  I did a simple refashion on this dress to make it wearable – I took about 1.25″ in on the side seams to the waist (yes, it was even bigger than this).  Today was the third time I’ve worn this dress.  I’ve gotten compliments each time I’ve worn this dress, but I’m not sure I love it.  The empire waist seam sits too high on my bust and I’m not sure I love the a-line hem sitting above the knee on me.  This may have a new life as a skirt soon…
The poncho is the famous Martha Stewart “Coming Home” from prison poncho. I crocheted this lovely piece in 2005 from acrylic yarn from Ames that I had squirreled away from high school.  I usually wear this with jeans but my office is like the frozen tundra so I always need something to cover up.


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