Self-Stitched September Day 2

Sweater:  Refashioned
Necklace:  Refashioned
White Tee:  Target, 5 years ago
Denim Crop Pants:  Thrifted, GW Outlet
Shoes:  Parade of Shoes, 10 years ago

This SSS challenge is helping me get off my refashioning duff!

I love this sweater.  I love the color and the shape.  I got it for about $10 on clearance from Chadwick’s about 5 years ago.  Because it was on clearance, I ordered what they had (an XL which should have fit).  I used to swim in this sweater – and would put a belt or ribbon tie around it for shaping.  Here is the original on MeToo:

I repositioned the buttons to turn this into a wrap-style sweater and I’m really pleased with the result.

After wearing it for hours now, I think the buttonholes need mini episiotomies (*ahh, the painful memories*) to stay closed.

About 2 years ago, I bought a $5 vase-full of ugly necklaces from Goodwill.  The necklace I have on today used to look like this…

After dunking the pink necklace in the bucket with my jeans-dyeing experiment and restringing it with another Goodwill necklace (and some pink glass beads from the GW Outlet), I came up with this:
This necklace is awesome now!  And I’m proud of myself for finally tying off the fasteners well.

The scoopneck on the white tee is a tad too low for work (and the cotton too thin to wear out anywhere!) so it’s perfect to wear under the sweater.  I bought the denim crop pants in June during one of my trips to the Goodwill Outlet – they had never been worn before and were less than $1 in their by-the-pound pricing.  I think they are seriously too tight, but the kids and boyfriend like them.  And I have fulfilled the denim Friday peer pressure at work while looking sharp for dinner with my bff tonight!

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